20% Concentration

ANIMALIX has been designed to increase the longevity, projection and add animal notes of all known fragrances.

Are you bored of safe fragrances? Are you bored of smelling the same as everyone else? Do you want to step up the animal notes in your fragrance and add some filth in your life, But dont want to throw away your beloved signature scent. 


By adding One spray of ANIMILIX  first then spraying your signature scent over the top will give new life to what your wearing without changing the fragrance core 

ANIMALIX  is allergen free

ANIMALIX contains Ethical Ambergris and is therefore not suitable for Vegans. 

base notes: Civet, Vegan Deer Musk, Ethical Ambergris, Vegan Castoreum, Amber, Wood and FILTH