Boss Bitch


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Sorry, this item is out of stock


25 % Concentration 

Boss Bitch is for all my Boss Bitches. Boss Bitch is Strong, Powerful, complex and sweet.

Neroli, Jasmine and Cherry form the top notes,

Chocolate, Coconut, Peach form the core.

 Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ethical Ambergris and Musk form the base. 

BUT this is not why Boss Bitch is Boss. 

Boss Bitch utilises Burmese and Thai Oud to give an animalistic, woody, balsamic base. The third Oud is RAW Oud I transformed through clever organic chemistry. The process takes a month and utilises organocatalysis, sound and light frequencies to creates an Oud complex that is greater and more fantastical then the sum of its parts.

The Aaron Terence Hughes Oud complex will never be replicated. My greatest unicorn creation awaits you. 

Boss Bitch will only be sold in limited amounts once a month

Next Boss Bitch is for sale on 14:03:2020 @ 9AM

Only ONE Boss Bitch per customer. If you purchase more then one you will be refunded for the full contents of your basket. 

Boss Bitch contains Ethical Ambergris and is therefore not suitable for Vegans