Frequently Asked Questions



Q1: When is your shop open next?

A1: Every Saturday and Wednesday morning from 9am until we have sold out.

Q2: How long does it take to get my order
A2: UK 5-7 days EU 7-10 days. Please bear in mind that this is a small company and we deal with large orders. As soon as we have dispatched the orders your get your tracking number 

Q3: Do you ship to USA or Canada?

A3: Not at present.

Q4: How do I become a stockist of Aaron’s Work ? 

A4: You cant. ATH is exclusive through the site and no where else.

Q5: I am after free samples or 1-2ml size. I will pay shipping!

A5: The smallest size of Aarons work is 10ml.

​​​​​Q6: I have a question about my order!

Q6: Please email me using the contact me page and I will respond to you.