20% Concentration

The first fragrance I designed using Oud. I wanted a fragrance that screamed sex. Its dark, brooding animalistic nature is so sexy, powerful and screams confidence. Oud is dark, heavy and projects. Not for the faint hearted. Sex in a bottle 

Oud is Mysterious and sexual and is born of the night.

A fierce contradiction of Oud Wood, Musk, Leather and Rose Absolute – a fragrance that doesn’t fade but instead gets stronger and more potent as you heat up. This aphrodisiac scent will leave a lasting impression.

Top notes: Leather

Middle notes: Amber, Turkish Rose (Damascena)

Base notes: Patchouli, Burmese Oud, Musk, Ethical Ambergris 

​​​​​​​This product is not suitable for Vegans as it contains Ethical Ambergris 


Weight 0.1kg