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20% Concentration

Now reformulated with extra Rose absolute, Ambergris Thai Oud and Burmese Oud. Smouldering, Smokey and Dark 

Such a simple name for something so complex and so stunning. Rose lasts for 10 hours +. 
Rose is my date fragrance. 

Rose is sensual and indulgent, Rose arouse a taste of the Orient.

A blend of Rose Absolute, Exotic Woods, Spices, Sweet Tonka Bean and mysterious Dark Berries add to the depth of this indulgent scent. Layer with Chocolate, Rose and Oud to create a fragrance as unique as your personality.

Top notes: Turkish Rose (Damask)

Middle notes:  Spices, Tonka Bean Tincture, Madagascar Vanilla, Lotus Flower, Tree Moss, Dark Berries

Base notes: Patchouli, Musk, Burmese Oud, Thai Oud and Ethical Ambergris 

​​​​​​​This product is not suitable for Vegans due to Ethical Ambergris being used 


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