Tobacco, Oud and Vanilla



Tobacco, Oud and Vanilla

20% Concentration 

I developed Tobacco, Oud and Vanilla for people with class and who understand what a well crafted fragrance smells like. This fragrance is suitable for all occasions from a day off walking your dogs, to the office to going out for a drink. I designed Tobacco, Oud and Vanilla to be a signature scent for all people.  

Evocative and opulent, Tobacco, Oud, and Vanilla captures a nostalgic spirit. 

Dry woods and sweets tobacco flower come together with Oud and creamy vanilla. Layer with Chocolate, Rose, and Oud or Oud to create your own, bespoke fragrance. 

Top notes: Tobacco Leaf

Middle notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Tobacco, Turkish Rose (Damascena)

Base notes: Burmese Oud, Cedarwood, Ethical Ambergris 

This product is not suitable for Vegans due to Ethical Ambergris being used 


Weight 0.5kg